Monday, September 29, 2014

Nail Polish To The Rescue

I have a candle ring that I purchased a few years ago that I like to use in the fall time.  It has crystal like leaves, beads, and berries.  I love how the ring looks around the cake candle and in the wrought iron pumpkin.  To me, it is the perfect, simple centerpiece for my table.

The older I get, the less I decorate for the seasons.  I like having just a few nice things instead of a lot of stuff.  Although I truly do like the simple look of less, the TRUTH is....I don't like cleaning around a lot of stuff!  So when I pulled this candle ring out of the storage tub, this is what it looked like....eeekk...  

Some of the paint had come off the berries.  I'm not sure why it happened.  The crystals still looked great and I DID NOT want to go shopping for another candle ring.  What to do?  Hhmm... Nail Polish!

I searched our nail polish bag for colors that would match.  I had a reddish color that matched fairly well, but I didn't have a goldish/brown color to match.  What I did find though was a brownish/red color.  On those beads, I coated the part that was white and also over the part of the color that was still on.  It looks ok, not perfect, but rustic - yea, that sounds good - rustic ;-)

Nail polish to the rescue.

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