Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

It's the little things that got put "on the back burner" when we built our home....  We just recently installed the kitchen cabinet hardware.  What a difference these little things make.  After a year of opening doors and drawers from the corners, it took a while getting used to. 

They are functional and pretty - burnished on the edges.  They really highlight the knots and knicks in the cabinetry.

They match the faucet and some other accessories in the kitchen.

We used knobs for most of the cabinets, but used handles for the drawers.  I L.O.V.E. these drawers, they are so handy.  I have a set next to the oven and another set in my center island.  

The dark cabinets help to show off my white and blue dishes.

The hardware gives the cabinets that finished look, well almost....the crown molding for the cabinets is still in the basement ;-)  It's the little things...

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  1. Nice blog, it is so impressive. I really liked your handles on kitchen cabinets. Thanks for giving me idea for my kitchen. Please keep sharing.


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