Thursday, September 25, 2014


In appearance, the fox is a beautiful creature.  Reddish brown fur, white chest, bushy white tipped tail, black legs.  Looks innocent just sitting there, doesn't it?  Looks can be deceiving!  This picture shows the fox on the other side of the fence.  On this side of the fence are our chickens.  This predator is one of the reasons that our ladies are protected, inside a fenced area, compared to total free reign.  

You have probably heard the saying "sly as a fox", meaning quick, intelligent, and cunning/clever.  Foxes are quick hunters and their diet ranges from small game animals such as rabbits, birds, and chickens to things like frogs, worms, and berries.  Their resourcefulness has earned them the reputation for being intelligent and cunning.   Foxes are generally night time predators because their eyes adapt to night vision.  Over the years though, foxes have adapted to humans, living comfortably in small wooded areas and even near housing developments, not just dense forests.  Because of this, they don't seem to be as scared to go on the hunt during daylight hours.  The fox hunts its prey by stalking at first.  Once the fox feels confident, it uses a pouncing technique that allows them to kill quickly.     

Our husky/lab dog does a great job of keeping predators away.  *I have actually witnessed her barking/chasing away a fox.*  The chicken coop door is closed and locked at night as added security, to protect the ladies at night.  To read about our chicken coop, click here.  We hope that the added security of fencing and nightly closed coop doors help to keep this creature from pouncing on our chickens.  



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