Monday, September 21, 2015

A September Morning Harvest

It's almost absolute favorite season!

The heat of the day has been slowly going away, turning a little cooler, with slight breezes...a much appreciated change for me.

Having the windows open brings a sense of calmness to me and to our house.  Breathing in that fresh air and feeling the cool breezes slide in is good for my soul and the soul of our home.  The house doesn't have to work so hard to keep everything cool, it can actually relax for a while, before it starts working hard in the winter months to keep everything snugly warm.

Sleeping with the windows open brings back memories of a simple childhood.  The singing of the crickets and other insects lull me off to sleep.  Waking up chilled is a pleasant welcome this time of year.

I won't be sharing a picture of the garden because, as with most Augusts, the weeds in the garden have won.  When the heat is too much for me to tolerate, I simply stop weeding.  But, I am happy to report that the garden doesn't stop producing.  This morning I picked eggplants and tomatoes. 

And...look you see it?  That's an egg on top!  Our chickens that we got in April started laying last week. This is our second flock of chickens, and I have anxiously been waiting for that first egg!  Have you priced eggs at the grocery store lately?  No blue eggs from our Aeracauna chicken yet...hopefully soon.

I did not get a fall planting done in the garden this year, but...I improvised...

A few late green onions were planted in the container with the cherry tomatoes.

And, I planted kale seeds in some porch containers.

I absolutely love the look of tomatoes lining a window sill, waiting their turn to be used in a delicious recipe (or just picked up and eaten).  I like to think that along with open windows, tomatoes on the window sill is the epitome of simple living...something that has been done for generations.

Make it a great Monday!
                 ~Lori Leigh


  1. Oh, the tomatoes on your windowsill look so, so pretty!!

    Spring is my favorite season, but I love fall too. I love the cooler air, the windows open, the beautiful fall pumpkins and mums and cozying up in a blanket with a book and hot chocolate.

  2. ahh a gardner like me -know when it's too hot to stop pulling weeds! So glad your chickens are starting to lay that's always exciting! It's probably actually coming out for you to have chickens- I bet with feeding them you'll coming out better than buying for sure. Have a great day.

  3. I also have tomatoes on my windowsill but I purchased mine at a farm stand. I love having my windows open and listening to the birds chirping. Sleeping with the windows open is one of my favorite simple pleasures.
    Enjoy your beautiful tomatoes and eggplant.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  4. I relate to the tranquil mood of your post, Lori. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Especially early fall, when you are not worried about your garden maintenance so much any more. Let the weeds grow, open the windows and rest after a long and busy summer.

    What I also like about early autumn is that I can pressure can and bake without overheating the house and overworking the AC. Because the windows are open.

    Enjoy your well deserved harvest!



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