Thursday, September 17, 2015

Death and a New Friend

Recently on a Farm Photo Friday, I shared this adorable picture of our turkey and calf hanging out together.  (Notice how the calf has her ear perked up, as if listening to the turkey)

Living on a homestead is so rewarding to me...      

         the garden...

                 the animals...

                              even the unending projects...

...I truly feel blessed to be living this life.

It is a joy to watch everything blossom and grow.

The animals are entertaining to watch.

They relate to each other in ways I didn't know possible.

When Mr. Turkey lost Mrs. Turkey, he became sad...angry...even violent.

But then, an unexpected animal came along that helped Mr. Turkey through his emotions.

If you would like to read the story of how a death brought the two unlikely souls together, click HERE.  It is the most recent post that I wrote for Community Chickens, a website brought to us from Grit and Mother Earth News magazines.


  1. It seriously is amazing how entertaining animals are. I could watch the farm cats, and my chickens for hours, especially when they interact! It makes me happy to know that Mr. Turkey has a friend to comfort him, he must have felt terribly lonely! Off to read your article, LL! Enjoy the rest of your week! ~CB

  2. Animals are so happy these two have become friends and help each other though life.

  3. I thought this was going to be about his death LOL I'm off to read more.... ;)


  4. What a sentimental story with happy ending. It reminds me of another cute relationship you described in the past, the friendship between alpaca and kitten.

    Nice photos.



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