Friday, September 11, 2015

The Recipe Calls For Buttermilk But You Don't Have Any...

We've all been there...

You have the perfect recipe that you want to make...

Oh, it sound so delicious.

You think you have everything on hand...

But, wait a minute...

                    ...there's no buttermilk!

Before I tell you a quick and easy fix for buttermilk, lets talk buttermilk...

Have you ever had a nice cold glass of buttermilk...

To drink?

Topped with salt and pepper....yum!  (Thanks Dad)

Don't curl your nose...

It truly is delicious!

Not the fat free or reduced fat, but pure true buttermilk.

I have joked that we need to get a milk cow just so I can make some...
Yeah I have the time or the know how ;-)

Any who... 

If the recipe calls for buttermilk, all you need is regular milk and white vinegar.  

Add one tablespoon of white vinegar into a glass measuring cup.
Add enough milk to make one cup total liquid.
Stir to combine.
Let stand for five to ten minutes.
The mixture will begin to curdle.
You are then ready to use it in that fabulous recipe you are making!

For the record, I did try a sip of this, but it wasn't as tasty as the real stuff!

Tell me I'm not you like to drink buttermilk?


  1. I LOVE buttermilk...learned from my daddy....and altho I've "made" lots of buttermilk using vinegar or lemon juice (anything that will curdle the sweet milk) my recipes tastes 10 times better using real buttermilk. I buy just a quart at a time and make everything I can think of during the time I have it.

    1. Oh BJ, you are my buttermilk best friend! So glad to hear that you learned to love it from your Dad too ;-)

  2. Such a useful tip! There are too many times I just don't have any buttermilk when I need it!


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