Friday, September 25, 2015

Farm Photo Friday (September 25, 2015)

Good morning sunshine.

Welcome to Farm Photo Friday!

It's been a while, so I have lots of pictures to share...
(I got a new cell phone and have been taking morning pictures with it this week.)

If you make it to the end, I promise you won't be sorry!
It's a special little something just for YOU.

Buckeye and Ocean were waiting patiently this morning for their breakfast.

(I must say that I am loving having a cow on our little farm.)

Mr. Turkey loves to show off his feathers for Buckeye...certainly he's not flirting is he?

He certainly is handsome when he does though ;-)

I don't like spiders, but my they make a lovely web.

The garden is still producing eggplants...a vegetable that I won't be planting next year :-(

A little visitor to the water trough. 

The leaves are starting to change colors.
As they fall, they make a beautiful landing into the creek. 

Not sure what's going on here...
Every morning Turquoise stops and 'asks' me to pick her up...

I pick her up, pet her as I talk to her...
then she goes happily on her way.

Yeah!  You've made it to the end.  
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures so far.
Now for the surprise...

Buckeye is soooo happy that you are here, that she wants to give you something to put an extra smile on your face today... 

A kiss!!!!!!!

Oh, I just couldn't resist ;-)
Happy Friday!
- Lori


  1. cute....your phone take nice pictures.

    1. Thanks Teresa. Tugging the phone along in the mornings when I do the feeding is more convenient then taking the camera...

  2. I love visiting your blog and seeing your great pictures. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Vikki for commenting...I was thinking of you when I was uploading the animal pictures!

  3. Beautiful photos, LL! I can't believe how big Mr.Turkey got, and Turquoise is beautiful! One of my roosters lets me pick him up, he is such a momma's boy! Have a great weekend! ~CB

    1. Each animal has its own personality, just like humans...

  4. What a cutie Buckeye is.

    Such a lovely group of photos Lori Leigh. I love them all. Your phone takes great photos. I have been using my phone more and more as it is so much easier than the camera. Mine is not an expensive phone though, but it is still handy.


    1. Thanks Tania. My phone (and my camera) are not expensive ones. Technology these days...

  5. Hah! So sweet! Guess you didn't care for the eggplant? I wonder if you breaded and fried it? It's hard to go wrong with that combination! ;oD
    Enjoy your weekend, Lori!

    1. Hi Daisy,
      I did bread it and fried it...put it in different foods...tried different things with it. It was just kind of bland tasting...will try something different in the garden next year.


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