Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How I Freeze Green Beans

I recently did a post on how to can green beans titled Green Beans (to can or freeze).

I admitted that I now freeze green beans, but I did not tell you how I freeze them.

I am a bit of a rebel...I don't blanch the beans before freezing them.

The method I use is soooo easy!
This is the second year that I have done it this way, proving that it's safe ;-)

My helpers (AKA hubby and children) snap the ends off the green beans, then snap into smaller pieces.

Using a colander, I give them a good rinse with cold water.

I place them in quart size freezer bags and put them directly into my freezer.

That's it!

When we eat them this winter, they will be so fresh tasting and full of nutrients still in tact.

I don't even defrost them before I cook with them.

 Click HERE to see one of my favorite ways to prepare green beans.

I also like to add them and some bacon into a pot of  water for a side dish.

Add some potatoes to the pot of beans and bacon, and you've got a meal!

I picked the last of the green beans last weekend to add to my freezer.  The garden is almost done.

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The WINNER of the Ball Canning Jars is Vickie!

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  1. Hi Lori Leigh! I used to freeze green beans, too, and had good luck with them. It's certainly a lot faster than canning! We haven't had very good luck with gardening in recent years due to the weather and deer, so I've not had an abundance of anything to put up. I also often cook potatoes and green beans together with some bacon drippings for seasoning. Yummy!

  2. Well dang! Who knew it was that easy?! Thank you for sharing this, Lori Leigh :)


  3. You make me feel better about freezing peppers. I don't blanch them either! Those will taste so good this winter!

  4. Can't get much easier than that! Thanks for sharing.
    Congrats to Vickie!


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