Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crock Pot Chocolate and Peanut Candy

Tis the season...for making cookies and candies!

When my girls were little we used to make decorated sugar cookies every year.

We used all kinds of holiday cookie cutters.

We would use food coloring to make different colored icing.

We had all kinds of sprinkles.

Wow, sometimes we made a mess, but...

It was our tradition and I loved every minute of it!

For the last several years I have participated in a cookie/candy exchange that a friend of mine hosts.
It's lots of fun to see (and taste) what everyone creates...some true masterpieces I tell ya!

Through the years, I have tried different recipes...

Some tried and true recipes, others that I had to search high and low for the ingredients.

Some that could be put together in no time, while others took forever to create.

Some no bakes and some that needed to be baked just a couple more minutes.

Today I want to share with you a super duper easy peasy candy recipe...

that you make...

in the CROCK POT!

Yes, in the crock pot!

You just layer the ingredients and for two hours the crock pot makes magic!

Just think what you can get done in two hours...


                       ...clean the house

                                   ...watch a Hallmark movie

                                                  ...take a nap (the timer will wake you up ;-))

After two hours, remove the lid, stir, and scoop out onto wax paper.

That's it!  Easy, right?

But...wait...it gets better!

It is soooooo DELICIOUS!

Here's the low down:

Crock pot Chocolate and Peanut Candy
Layer every thing in the crock pot in this order:
32 ounces of roasted, lightly salted peanuts
2 large bars of dark chocolate
1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 packages (16 ounces each) of white almond bark
Put the lid on the crock pot.
Turn on low.  (Just leave it alone, no need to stir.)
Set the timer for 2 hours.
Remove lid and stir until all is combined.
Scoop onto wax paper. 
Let cool.
Drizzle melted caramel on top.
* If all the chocolates are not completely melted, do another 30 minutes.  It should be easy to stir.
** I used a medium sized cookie scoop, which made about 6 dozen.

Even if you have all the time in the world this holiday season (HA!) to make long detailed recipes, I hope you give this easy one a try!

Oh yeah...they freeze great too!
I have some in the freezer to serve at a party we are having in a couple weeks.  Handy Hubby hasn't found them yet.  If he finds them, he'll eat them all ;-)

MAKE it a fantabulous day!
~ Lori



  1. I have a friend who makes this and it is so good....and so easy!

  2. They look so good and easy (which is the best thing)! I would have to put them in the freezer just to hid them from me!

  3. Thank you Lori for sharing another great recipe! This looks so yummy and I love the way it's made. Wishing you a wonderful creative day, Pat

  4. I love an easy recipe during this time of the year..thank u friend for sharing.

  5. I can't believe you made this in the crock pot! That's pure genius! These do look delicious too!

  6. These look soooo GOOD. Thanks for sharing!
    I found you at Pilgrims on Earth


  7. This is a great idea! I love that you can just throw it in and come back to take care of it later.


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