Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Eating Nook All Decked Out For Christmas

The eating nook is all decked out and ready for Christmas!

We don't have a formal dining room in our home.  Actually when we were building, we changed what was suppose to be the formal dining room into an office.

We eat our every day meals at an over sized round table in our little eating nook.  It is part of the open style living/kitchen/eating room that we opted for.  I love our round table, but during the holiday season when we welcome more guests to our table we put the leaf in, making it an oval table.  

I am not a fan of the shape, but it is a necessity sometimes.  So what's a girl to do?  Hide Decorate the table more elaborate than normal. 

I recently purchased this pretty red and off white plaid tablecloth.  I am swooning over it!  It helps to hide the table shape and it adds so much character to the area.

For the centerpiece I went with a rectangle metal tray that has rope like handles.  I added three varying height glass candle holders.  I chose glass because they pair nicely with the sparkly glass icicles hanging above the table. (And for candle holders can be used any time of year.)

I topped the candle holders with plain ivory candles.  I love the simplicity of a plain candle, especially when arranged with other beautiful elements.

Tucked all around I arranged real and faux greenery.

Can you tell the real from the fake?  Don't you just love some good faux greenery? '-)

To finish it off I used some berry picks that showcase different shades of red.  I love that the berries aren't just one color..can you imagine trying to match shades of red?  I strategically placed them in, hiding the stems into the greenery.

Last year I got these Pfaltzgraff Winter dishes from e-bay for a really good deal.  We used them for the first time this year when we had supper guests the other night.  I look forward to using them all Winter long again this year.

The red Merry Christmas tin sign is a favorite piece of mine that I use year after year.  It says it grand vignette...just a sign that says Merry Christmas!

MAKE it a great day!
                    ~ Lori


  1. The glasses pair well with the candle holders. Love all the Red and Green for your table colors. Love your new plates too. Can't tell the difference on the greenery; which is real or faux. Wishing you many happy meals shared around your table.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I loved getting those plates out the other night...maybe I should peek back onto e-bay to see if there's more deals!?!?

  2. Simple, elegant, and festive ! I love what you've done here especially because you've considered how you live and how practical it is. And yes, I am very fond of putting artificial and real greenery together for Christmas decorating.

    1. Thank you Kathy for the way you described it! We LIVE in this house, so has to be practical.

  3. Thank you Teri! The fact that you have the same tablecloth speaks of us both wanting cozy, doesn't it? I love the simplicity of it, the cozy vibe it gives, and let's be's pretty ;-)

  4. Lori, this is so welcoming and inviting. I love the icicles hanging from the chandelier it's really pretty. As you know, I'm mad for plaid and that table cloth is awesome. Love love love! Hugs, CoCo

  5. I love the beautiful table with the cozy fireplace glowing in the back ground. Your home is so cozy. Enjoy your evening.

  6. Hi Lori. Your tablescape is so festive for the holidays. I love the tablecloth you chose and the plates are so lovely. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season. Pat xx

  7. Beautiful! Everything looks so fresh, I can almost smell the fragrance of the greens.

  8. So cozy with the lovely table all set for guests and the crackling fire in the distance - what time should I be there?


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