Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman

In the meadow Coke crate we can build a snowman...vignette.

As I take down the Fall decorations and move toward Christmas decorating, I also incorporate Winter decor...things that can stay up all season long...even when the holiday decor is put away.

This vignette is one of those dual purpose decorating items.

The red Coke crate ties in with the reds that I am using for my Christmas decor this year.

Of course the greenery will also go well with the Christmas decor.  I use faux and real evergreen branches for Christmas decorating, but only used faux in this vignette.  This way it will last throughout the winter (without the mess).

Do you remember this snowman?  It's a yard sale find that didn't have a nose.  I glued some tin foil on for it's nose.

The snowflake ornaments are from Dollar Tree.  I removed the wire hanger and tucked that part into the greenery to hide the hole.
Click here to see how I used the snowflake ornaments last year on my chandelier.

The snowman and snowflakes are a wish for a white Christmas and a nod to what may or may not be outside our windows all winter long.

Curious minds want to know ;-) ...
Are you humming "Winter Wonderland" after reading this post title?
... I love that song!

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  1. I love old crates!!!! Sooooo cute! Merry Christmas

    1. They are so versatile...I love how you use them too Christine!

  2. The red of the crate works perfectly with Christmas!

    1. I do love the red, but I'm thinking I need some of the other colored soda crates too. ;-)

  3. Yes I am!! Love that song....and love that snowman vignette! And you can't even see the foil!!

    1. Glad to hear it...maybe I should do more nose jobs ;-)

  4. looks amazing!!
    Love the smile of snowman.

  5. And we can call him parson brown....Cute Lori, your home is always lovely. Have a nice evening


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