Monday, December 5, 2016

No Sew Christmas Pillows

I wanted to add some red plaid Christmas pillows to my decor this year.

But, after shopping for holiday pillows (and getting sticker shock!), I decided I could make my own.

And you can too! 

These are NO SEW and NO CUT pillows!

The red makes me smile and seems to add a bit of warmth on a dreary day. 

OK, OK...enough pictures.
Ready to see how easy (and cheap) this project is?

Instead of sewing, use heat-n-bond.

And, instead of buying material, and cutting to size, buy fabric napkins.
(or use some that you already have on hand)

I used a pair of napkins that I had tucked away with my Christmas decor and I purchased a set of 4 napkins for $6.

The heat-n-bond cost $3.
(and I have leftover for future projects)

I used stuffing out of some worn pillows that I had on hand.

So my total investment for 3 pillows comes in under $10!

Cha Ching!
I doubt pillows are that cheap even at year end clearance.

You will find directions on the back of the heat-n-bond package.

Per the directions, start by washing and drying the material, but don't use fabric softener.

I then ironed the napkins.
Total aside:  I really don't like ironing.

Place a napkin right side facing up.
(The side that you will be looking at when completed.)

Place the adhesive along the edges, approximately 1" from the sides.

Iron directly on the paper part of the heat-n-bond for a couple seconds.

Peel off the paper liner.

Line up the top napkin with the bottom napkin (right sides facing together) and iron together.
Hold the iron in place for 6 to 8 seconds, per directions.

Don't iron a section - that's where you will be putting the stuffing.

Let cool slightly.

Turn fabric right side out.

Insert pillow stuffing or pillow form.

The last part is what I found to be the most tricky.

I ended up tucking the fabric under on each side, then pinning together to hold in place as I ironed.

It didn't take long for Ginger and Lily to check out the new pillows...
They approve!


  1. I love to sew when I have time but lately I have been busy. These pillows are cute and easy! Have a great week!

  2. Great Idea! Thanks.

  3. what a great idea--I love your red pillows. (but mostly, I love your kitty "pillows", Lily & Ginger!)

  4. I love your pillows!! I added plaid to our Christmas decor. I haven't came across any plaid napkins yet, so I bought some material and make a couple of pillows. Enjoy your cozy fire and your lovely home.

  5. They are beautiful! Plaid is so in style this holiday season. You have created an ingenious idea to make these lovely pillows. Take care, Pat xx

  6. Love it!! I can't sew so this is perfect for me!!

  7. I tried making these tonight, it is very tricky to seal up that last opening. Fun project, though! I might end up hand-stitching the other two napkins.

    1. I'm so glad you tried this and thought it was a fun project. I understand...I almost hand sewed the opening, but wanted this to be a total no sew project.


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