Thursday, December 15, 2016

This House and Thank You

This house.

Four years ago today we moved into our home.

After a few years of cleaning up the land and dreaming up our house and homestead plans, we began our journey.

With help from friends and family, we built our home.

With dreams and determination, we are building our farm.

There's been some sweat and tears along the way, and there is always a to do list, but this place...

...there truly is no place like home.

I have shared bits and pieces here on the blog throughout the last couple years.
Through blogging, I have met some amazing people and developed some special friendships.

I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You!
Thank you for your encouragement!
Thank Your for your support!
Thank You for following along on our journey.


  1. So happy for you! Your house is similar to the one we are looking for. Just beautiful.

    We are beginning the same journey in about another week or so and hoping to find our forever home. Thank you for all of your wonderful writing. I appreciate you sharing your dream with me.
    Continued blessings, daisy

    1. Thank you sweet Daisy! Just as I used to dream about it, I know you have been wanting to make your dream a reality. I am super excited for you to begin your journey!! I look forward to reading all about it ;-)

  2. Your home is absolutely beautiful, Lori. It has been a joy to know you through your blog. I hope you and your family have many more happy years in your lovely home. Sending you holiday hugs, Pat

    1. Thank you so much Pat! You are always so encouraging ;-)

  3. and Thank You for your always-enjoyable blog. Your home is beautiful, but I think the family in it is probably even more beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  4. You are welcome Vikki! Thanks for your continued support!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Your home is simply gorgeous, Lori!! I'm so happy for you that you are following your dream!

  6. Lori when every I see a post from you it makes me smile. I have enjoyed your blog and your home is lovely.

  7. How wonderful to have reached part of your dream, the home and next the farm! Your home is beautiful, and the farm will always be lots of hard work, but the rewards will be greater. I'm happy to have met you in your blogging journey!

  8. Beautiful house.. Love all the extra memories you put into this wonderful home.. Building yourselves is very difficult[we did it too], but the rewards are
    Hope you and family had a wonderful CHristmas .. Happy New Years.


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