Sunday, December 18, 2016

Using Milk Glass With Christmas Decor

Milk glass, oh how I love you!

I only have a few pieces, mostly given to me by my mother.

They're so pretty.

A bit nostalgic.

Crisp white.

I like to decorate with milk glass all year round,
 and I also like to use my milk glass pieces.

Here are few ways that I am using milk glass this holiday season.

Vibrant red bulbs nestled in the crisp white milk glass makes the living room feel so festive...
Like it's ready for a party!

Fresh cedar branches tucked in a milk glass vase can be used all winter long.

The girl's bathroom is getting a bit of a makeover (post coming soon).
Blue Christmas bulbs adds a little cheer to the space as they are getting ready for their day.

Homemade pimento cheese served in milk glass makes a Christmas party feel a little more fancy, compared to a plain bowl.  Click HERE for the easy recipe.

Pine cones and dried oranges tucked in a milk glass dish makes a simple yet stunning statement.
And can be used all winter long.  Click HERE to see how to dry oranges in the oven.

So dust off your milk glass and let them shine this Christmas and winter season!


  1. Your house is so lovely decorated for the season! I too love milk glass, but have nowhere near the collection you have! I have one small piece. I really love that pitcher, it is just beautiful! Love how you have decorated your home, so cozy, charming and inviting. Hugs to you today :)


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