Friday, December 9, 2016

Our Farmhouse Christmas Porch

Thanks for going along with me on my walk through the woods the other day.

Wasn't it invigorating?

As I mentioned, visions were dancing in my head to decorate the front porch with the beautiful pieces that I gathered.
Sometimes I don't sleep very well when this happens ;-)

The design assistant (observing from the window) has given her approval for me to show you our farmhouse Christmas porch.

I tucked some fresh juniper branches in the urns that flank the front door, then gave them a little water.
Click HERE to see how I did it.

It seems as though many of our animals have a design opinion this year.

This beautiful, old, rusty milk can got some fresh cedar branches and some beautiful red berries, along with a little water to keep them fresh.

Next to another antique milk can, I used some pine cones that I have gathered over the years along with a lantern.

I used some faux greenery and berries on the top.
Then added some silver ornaments and a red candle.

I like how the stacked firewood is both useful and handsome.

Handy Hubby hung some icicle lights.

He also hung some wreaths on the dormers.

(Our faithful farm dog wasn't so much in the design mood like the cats were...
she just wanted her 'very worn' dog bed put back in place.)

Have you noticed that I didn't use a wreath on the door?

...more on that later.


  1. It looks so welcoming! Love the rustic touches and I totally agree about the firewood being both striking and practical. The best of both worlds!

    1. Thanks Daisy! The firewood is one of my favorites...needed on these cold days.

  2. You have such a lovely home and I love the decorations you have used. Simply beautiful! Pat xx

  3. Everything is so pretty! The wreath in every window looks so perfect!

    1. Oh Vickie, look closely...the wreath on the right is crooked! LOL

  4. I love it..rustic and cozy. You just need a red bow on your little dog. Not to sure he will like it. (smile)
    have a wonderful day.

    1. Cute idea, but I doubt she would wear a bow...she'd probably think it was a chew toy ;-)

  5. Your home looks so warm and welcoming---it could be on the front of a magazine. I love that your "design assistants" helped.

    1. So nice of you to say Vikki...thank you! I had many design assistants on that day and they wanted to be included in this post. ;-)


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