Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkins and Baby Chicks

Isn't this Aeracana baby chick adorable perched on a ceramic pumpkin?
She has grown into a beautiful chicken.
We are still waiting for that first blue egg from her!

Do you remember when I did the Baby Chick Photo Shoot back in April?

I had so much fun posing those cute little things...

I took these pictures back in the Spring when the chicks were just a few days old.

I thought I would share them on this gloomy Monday to put a smile on your face ;-)

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion."
                                                                                                                 - Henry David Thoreau

This White Rock chick has her leg propped on the pumpkin stem...
gave her best profile for the camera...
such a sassy little poser.
She now thinks she is queen of the chicken yard.

Pssst...I may have gone crazy in those few days posing the baby chickens...


  1. Love your animal photos---and it did make me smile. : - }

  2. They are so adorable! Wish I could have some here.

  3. Your little chick pictures are back! It's delightful to see how you have posed them in all their cuteness. I look forward to seeing more. My best to you :)

  4. They did put a smile on my face. They are so adorable.

  5. What cuties... thanks for the sun shine on our rainy day.

  6. Cute and proud like an admiral with that little foot on the pedestal. You take such beautiful photos of the chicks.

  7. They are so sweet on their little pumpkin perches! Happy Autumn, stoppin by from Farmgirl Friday blog hop.

  8. These are so much fun and certainly DO put a smile on the face! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)


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